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About Gradum Gswing

Gradum Gswing is the premier baseball and softball swing instructors in the world. The word “Gradum” is derived from Latin and translates to English as “next level.” This phrase encompasses our sole focus at Gradum Gswing: taking baseball and softball players to the “next level” of hitting and, in turn, their careers.


The Gswing Principles

Whether we’re helping younger players make a team or move up the lineup, securing a scholarship for high school players, getting a collegiate player drafted, or helping an MLB player get out of a slump, the Gswing principles are key. These principles were built around three specific goals every hitter should have when they step up to the plate:

1. Arrive at contact on time.

2. Make consistent contact with correct Launch Angles

3. Accelerate the body/bat as fast as possible while under control for an increase in Exit-Batted-Ball Velocity.


“You were born to hit…” Is A Lie

As youths and high school athletes progress in their careers, those who aren’t gifted with athletic abilities are frequently overlooked. We believe the old adage “you were born to hit” could be nothing further from the truth. The modern swing is developed with practice and that is best achieved outside of the school system. Most schools do not have the time and resources available to give each individual the proper attention to truly tap into their full potential. At Gradum Gswing we focus on the individual athlete.

We have seen too many so-called “average” hitters fall short of their full potential just because they weren’t “born with it” as their coaches told them. With proper coaching and focused practice, we’ve taken average hitters to the next level that they would have struggled to achieve on their own.

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Our system will give you the confidence both on and off the field to help you achieve and exceed all of your goals. Do you want to hit? Get the Gswing. If you don’t want to hit, don't get the Gswing!


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