Attack and Launch Angle

Attack angle and launch angle probably the one of the most controversial things out there. It drives me bonkers. I’m literally talking to guys wearing a beeper when we’re living in the smartphone age, guys get rid of the beeper, the world is not flat, it’s round.


Okay, let’s get with the times attack angle is the angle of the barrel of the bat before it makes contact with the ball, we want a positive attack angle. With the barrel we want to be working forward to a slight uppercut we don’t want to be working down we don’t want to have a negative attack angle with our barrel we want a positive attack angle with our barrel. Launch angle every single ball hit has a launch angle, either negative ground ball or positive line drive or fly ball. We don’t try to have launch angle in on our swing. When we make contact the ball is what has the launch angle. And again, you want to have positive launch angle on any ball that you make contact with.


We will teach you the correct launch angle numbers that you should have. We will teach you and train you on the drills to have an attack angle on your barrel to square up baseballs and hit line drives gap the gap and over the fence. We will demystify this name right here. It is the most Miss represented name right now and baseball launch angle is just crazy how everybody thinks it’s not correct. But on the contrary, you want to know you want to know what your launch angle numbers are. And if you watch a game tonight or any night, watch the top hand corner statcast exit velocity launch angle it’s that important.

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