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How you doing Lorenzo with Carlos here Gradum Gswing our Teaching Tuesday for all summer ball players, and even our major league and professional clients. Contact point everybody’s been taught inside pitch down the middle, outside pitch, inside pitch, catch it out in front, middle, catch it at the plate, and the outside catch a deep. As you can see the best hitters in the world, Mike trout, one of them and probably the gold standard, Nolan Arenado, having a great season for the Cardinals look at their contact point right on their front foot.

This is a myth, do not allow somebody to teach you this, because if I try to hit my inside pitch here, all I’m going to do is hook them to my barrel where it’s going, and I’m going to probably pull it foul. I’m also cheating to it. That means the next pitch if he wants to throw me a changeup or something breaking away, my barrel is going to get into the zone and out of the zone, I’m going to be in trouble. Number two, outside pitch, there is no way from major league down.

If I’m seeing a pitcher throwing 95 to 98 all the way out here, there’s no way to let the ball get deep, absolutely not. So in reality, the best hitters in the world hit the same location, my inside pitch, my middle pitch and my outside pitch. I want to make contact on my front foot, I want to get a great positive move land and I want to make contact on my front foot. That will let you to spray the ball on parts of the field not be in front. And it’s better to let the ball sometimes travel and foul off to the right side. You’ll still be able to execute another pitch. Here’s another thing it doesn’t matter where I stand in the box I’m making contact on my front foot.

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