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What’s going on guys, Carlos here Gradum Gswing today’s teaching Tuesday. Top hand, the biggest challenge hitters face when thinking about using their top hand is you’re either taught to get on top of the ball, which causes a shorter hitting zone, the rollover, when you get topspin on the ball, or they’re taught to turn the barrel where they disconnect, and that’s where you start seeing your fly balls fouling pitches off and swinging and missing the correct way the top hand, no matter where you want to start, you have to connect to your back shoulder.

From there, we want to roll with the forearm and go back in our later later teaching Tuesdays and you’ll see the roll. So we want to connect to the shoulder roll the forearm, and then deliver the barrel with the forearm staying supinated. We don’t want to think getting on top like a hammer because that starts to protonate your forearm where you get topspin on the ball ground balls to your pull side. So again, connect to the shoulder and then roll the forearm we don’t want to think about turning the barrel and disconnecting this should never separate. We want to roll deliver the barrel connect roll deliver the barrel of the top hand and the knob of the bat should be staying on the track it shouldn’t be coming off the track on the track on the track, staying supinated with the forearm.

As we can see Mookie Betts getting connected to the shoulders staying on the track, rolling the forearm, delivering the barrel, it’s as if he’s delivering a pizza to centerfield. The forearm stays supinated as if there’s a pizza his hand going forward. Can I just play a couple more times on the track it rolls he’s delivering the pizza, his barrel staying in the zone early and then through the hitting zone. We don’t want to be on top of the ball where we’re in and out of the zone. Top spins rollovers won’t be able to hit the slider going to the outer half. Again, it doesn’t matter where you want to start your hands. We want to connect to that back shoulder stay on the track, roll the forearm and deliver the PIZZA.

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