Stay Back

Now, we will teach you the positive move and the way we will teach you is to show you what the best hitters in the world do.

Do you want to be a great hitter? See what the best hitters in the world do.

So here we go.

Mike Trout, if you noticed, we have a circle on his belt buckle a red dot. We also have one for Joey Votto, we’re going to go with Mike Trout first pretty much the gold standard when it comes to hitting when it’s all said and done, the best that ever existed.

As soon as Mike Trout went forward, you see, the dot is behind him. So the dot was on his belt buckle and now it’s in the back of his hip.

So he went forward, the dot started in the middle of his belt buckle. Now on the back hip so he didn’t stay back. Mike Trout never stays back. Okay, another thing that I want to show you, Hip inside of the knee, the knee inside of the ankle, and how symmetrical that bottom half is. If you noticed his belt, buckle disappeared a little bit because he got into his gluteus to load his hip.

Now we are going to look at Joey Votto the same thing, I have a DOT on his belt buckle, I’m going to go to heel strike and the dot is behind the hip.

So you see the best hitters in the major leagues in the world, and they don’t stay back. So why are you being told to stay back its wrong.

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