Gradum Swing Hitting System Bundle

Gradum Swing Hitting System Bundle

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This is what you'll get when you register for the Gradum Gswing Hitting System:

10 modules, 60 lessons

In our system: 

PROBLEM: Understand what you are doing wrong.

TEACH: Analyze how to swing correctly with MLB examples.

TRAIN: Drills with prescriptions on how to practice and train the Gswing.

TRANSFER: How to take your swing in the cage to in game performance.   

Live Zoom coaching calls with the Gradum staff. After you absorb the information in each module, you'll get exclusive access to the questions you have. Plus you get these extra bonuses:

1. How to Evaluate a Hitter

We’ll teach you the secret behind the greatest hitters in the world -- they know how to review tape and adjust their swing.

$187 Value for Free: 2. How to Hit the Inside Pitch

$187 Value for Free: 3. How to Hit the Outside Pitch